Gail Driver

I was admitted to the facility on 10/3/2013.

At the time I was admitted I was very large and in a lot of pain. The respiratory unit gave me excellent care. They got me talking when I thought I would never talk again.

The second time I was picked up by therapy. I was totally helpless. There was one therapist Sharon who was very patient and kind to me. She understood I was in pain and therefore took baby steps with me. Because of her I was able to get the courage to keep going. Now I am able to move around by myself. The wound care nurse took good care of my tract wound. It healed wonderfully.

I had some of the best CNA’s taking care of me. The activity department always had something going on. I love Gene, she kept things fun. When I was considered non-compliant there were so many people who kept taking good care of me. I felt loved and cared for here. The kitchen food is so good since Darrell is here. He comes to each table talking to us about the food. He brings special food to us in our rooms if we do not get up.

Over all I am very pleased.

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