Christine H.

If you are looking for a special place for your loved one Spring Gate Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center is the place to bring them.

You will feel at home when you first walk in the door and see Mrs. Freddie who will greet you with a lovely smile and warm welcome.

I would personally first thank Lisa McAdory who is the supervisor over the respiratory therapist she will see personally that your loved one is taken care of.

My grandson who resides there was on a ventilator for almost two years who was having a difficult time in weening. But after I talked with Ms. Lisa and she told me that she was going to do everything she could to get him off the ventilator I started to trust her and start letting her do her job her way and not my way everything worked out good.

Now, as of February 06, 2019, my grandson is off the ventilator.

Ms. Lisa and her R.T. ‘s does good work on Station 4 which is the ventilator and trait floor. It wasn’t easy but God thank You for Ms. Lisa and her R.T.’s.

Spring Gate Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center has train C.N.A.’s especially Ms. Sherry Moore. Thank you Quan CNA, Destiny CNA and the whole staff at Spring Gate!

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